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Proform Fitness Review – Is It a Scam ?

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Extremely Satisfied

Service improved over time and the quality of the product was second to none. Overall very happy

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Who are proformfitness.co.uk ?

Below is an excerpt taken from their website:

“ProForm® is the brand of choice for people seeking a serious, high performance workout.

Leading the way in performance and innovation, it is the world’s number 1 fitness brand. Not only is ProForm known for introducing the latest technologies, it is the world leader in home treadmill drive systems, cushioning, interactive training and elliptical technology.

Thanks to cutting-edge advances in cushioning, electronics and reliability, our treadmills have become the overwhelming choice of fitness enthusiasts throughout the world.

In recent years, ProForm has unveiled a complete line of exercise bikes, elliptical machines, weight benches and more – all geared to provide the most effective workout available.

From our first SpaceSaver™ treadmill to our latest high-tech fitness machines, ProForm remains on the cutting-edge of innovative fitness equipment.

Whatever your fitness goals are, ProForm can help you get there”

Number 1 fitness brand > There are many leading fitness brands and I believe that is  a very brave statement to make ! I do however agree that they are one of the leading brands.

The official developer of the brand  ProForm is ICON Health & Fitness Founded in 1977, ICON Health & Fitness.

What has Proform to offer as an online retailer ?

Well as one of the online leaders in home fitness it has for sale an extensive amount of gym fitness equipment: Tour de France bikes, pro fitness treadmills, Hybrid trainers, Rowers, Accessories and much more.

Aside from this they have IFIT !  This personal training app is exclusive to WiFi-enabled fitness machines from ICON brands.

From Paris to Sydney, you can experience it all. Workouts powered by Google Maps™ take you around the globe with breathtaking Street View images right on your equipment console or tablet. Plus, with terrain matching technology, you’ll feel every hill and dip, as if you’re actually outside

Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

This is my experience with the Proform Pro 2000 treadmill. The 2500 and 4500 are the same with the exception of the console having the iFit built in and a few more programmed exercises.

I was anxious at the thought of purchasing, obviously when spending a considerable amount of money you want to be confident that the service will be good. I have now had mine for a couple of weeks and wanted to take the time to tell you about it.

I ordered mine directly from Proformfitness.co.uk, it was in the sale and got it for less than £1000. The package arrived at my front door . It is big and you will need at least one person to get it to where you want it and that is after you get everything else out prior to moving the main belt unit with the motor. Once there I had not one issue assembling the whole thing alone. Little fussy, but if you keep some of the cardboard that was inside the box you can use to turn the belt over like I did to install the folding locking mechanism. The rest you just have to follow the instructions. For the locking rod I installed the end on the motor side and when everything else was installed I turned it on made sure the incline was at 0 and lifted the belt and installed the other end.
I only mention this because I wanted to share that it is doable, but if I had to do again, it would be a piece of cake to me if I had another person.

Now back to the tread mill. It is very solid and once put together and folded, it is not difficult at all to move. It is very easy to fold up and lock automatically when there. You pull a knob and just let it go down, it does that with ease and finesse. It is not hydraulic (not sure how it works) but it does a wonderful job lowering itself. Fit is great. You can jump on it while running or when stopped and there is no shaking, noise or rattles. The belt is quiet smooth, the incline (after calibration) works perfect and smooth. Speed is 12mph at 0 to 15 deg incline and maxes out at 8mph at -3 deg decline. Fan is better than nothing but I prefer a floor fan.

To make this short, I love this treadmill, the fit, weight the finish and the smoothness in which it operates, however I did have a problem and is the reason I opted to write this review. The only thing that did not work from day one was what they call the information screen on the console. It is where you get the accumulated time and distance this machine has run, very much like the odometer in the car plus the time the engine has been running.

I called the customer service number that was in the documentation. Answer time was less than 3 minutes, but this is where it ends. The person helping me had no clue. My issue is that 99% or all this treadmill is supposed to do works, I just can’t get one screen of information, I have all the others, the manual says not to use the incline at the steeper angles until the unit has 20 running hours. Well that screen I do not get. Now, after a few minutes with that person he puts me on hold, 15 minutes later I though that is it and the call was ended. I called back immediate and again, my wait was no more than 5 minutes, I explained to the person what happened after providing him with the serial # and he said please hold while I get the information for your treadmill, well, that was the last I heard from that guy, after 5 minutes of music I had to stop. I was on my lunch break and steaming. All my fears about service were well founded. I run that night and thoroughly enjoyed the machine, simple to operate, console is intuitive, and it does what you tell it to do, that simple. Now I started to think, I do not want to send this back, not for what it can’t display, I am enjoying this thing and was hoping there was a solution.

Next day call to customer service, I get a lady in very short order again. I explained what went on the day before and I asked here not to put me on hold ( I was in no mood for that) after explaining what had happened, she apologized and said I will not put you on hold, just mute because I have to talk to someone else. I said okay. in a couple on minutes she got back with me and said we can send you a new console if you want to try that. I was smiling. She said they were out of stock but should have them in a week. A week later I had a new console delivered. 6 screws to take it off, and after labeling the wires (6 of them) so they can go back in the same connectors I put the new one on and with fingers crossed, plugged it in, turned it one and bingo. I also get to keep the old console, (actually would be glad to send it back if they want) but, all in all, after a few weeks with this treadmill, I absolutely love it, and while I have no experience with any other I do understand and appreciate solid, quiet, smooth designs, and I appreciate this package so much for what I paid for it.

To be fair, I must also mention that I have had 2 follow up emails assuring me that I will be satisfied. I am, and I have to say my concerns while might have been founded based on a review, have been proven wrong. I am completely satisfied with what I have and the outcome of my issue with Proform.

Also, make sure you register your treadmill when you first get it, that is the information that they will use when dealing with you.

In Conclusion To Proform Fitness

Thank you for taking the time to read my honest and unbiased review of my experience with this company. I am happy to say that after a personally rocky start they certainly uped their game and did a very good to ensure that I was happy. I would also like to say that I am so glad I purchased from them as the quality of the product was exceptional and its always nice to do a bit of exercise !

Please feel free to leave your own comments of experiences with proformfitness.co.uk.



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