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The New Driver Programme NPD Connect Review

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A leading innovation and the smartest car app on the UK market

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What is the The New Driver Programme (NDP) ?

This is my unbiased review on the the new driver programme (NDP)

NDP (OFFICIAL WEBSITE ) is an excting and innovative app designed to help you to stay safe on the road. With so many features it claims that it can save you up to £1,200 on your car insurance. Is it one of the best car apps on the market ?. Lets delve in and see..

How can the NDP Save Me Money On My Car Insurance

Because of its features the app claims to help app users drive more responsibly. If you don’t save more than £200 on your car insurance, you will get your money back guaranteed (full details available on their website). After 30 days of driving and up to a year simply contact them to pass your score on to a group of carefully selected insurance companies and they will offer you the most competitive price. The better your score is, the less you’ll pay for your car insurance. Sounds a good deal ?

What Are The Features Of The NDP App

the new driver programme review

My Driving

Essentially helps you build up and improve your driving skills as it records and analyses your driving performance. It also points out areas which need more attention for a much improved and safer driving experience

My Mechanic

Should you experience a mechanical fault or a your engine light comes on. This app will report the problem and help you to solve the issue.

Crash Assistance

If you are involved in an accident and we are unable to contact you. We will send out emergency services to you immediately.

Stolen Car

If your car is stolen, then we are to track its location and liase with the police to its whereabouts for its recovery.

Breakdown Help

In the case of a breakdown we can alert your provide to help with the recovery

Service Plan

Will remind you when a service is due based on your mileage

Value My Car

You can get a free instant valuation of your car

Where Did I Park My Car

Parked in a multi storey car park and can’t remember what level or space you parked ? Don’t worry your NDP connect plugin “find my car app” will remind you exactly where you left it !

Family Car

NDP Connect is the perfect way to check on how they are progressing in those early years behind the wheel.

Learning To Drive

Driving carefully for 30 days can reduce the cost of your car insurance for up to 30 days

Mot & Tax

Never forget your Road Tax or MOT due date again the NDP Connect plugin will remind you


Is The NDP For New Drivers Only ?

Learner Drivers: Learning to drive and a named driver or driving someone else`s car?

Already Driving: Insured on your own car and want to save up to 40% on your renewal quote?

New Drivers: Just passed and a named driver or driving someone else`s car?

Safe Drivers: Want to connect with great features to make you stay safe on the road?

If you are not a named driver, then www.insurelearnerdriver.co.uk can help you

 How Much Is the NDP App

The device is only £39.99 and it comes with a 25% discount code! Plus £6.99 per month.

Why I Think Its The Best Driver App For Car Owners

Notably it’s features are extremely beneficial for any driver and its easy to navigate (pun intented). Its a very new App which was released in September 2017, so its still in its infancy and is becoming a very popular app and smart choice to ensure road safety and not forgetting reducing that expensive car insurance. I highly recommend this app and have not seen anything else on the market that comes close in terms of function or delivery on the features, that it has to offer. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and helpful car app, then this is the certainly the smartest choice that you can make by downloading this app. For further information see their website newdriverprogramme.com

iPhone Screenshots

the new driver programme app screenshot
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Customer Reviews – Iphone

One of the best apps I’ve seen and used

Great app! Everything is so easy to use and intuitive. It lets me know when I need a service or MOT and if I have any issues with my car it can detect them I can book a mechanic straight from the app!!!!

So Helpful!

Great app- fantastic user interface which is easy to navigate (pun intended). Good way to give peace of mind to both new drivers and their parents etc. Would definitely recommend to all whom are learning.

This is genuinely brilliant

This app is great! Never seen anything like this anywhere else, I’m really glad I heard about it. A must for new drivers.

Reviews From Google Play

reviews google play

Can I return The NDP If I am Not Happy ?

You may cancel the service for any reason at any time. Within 14 days of receipt, simply return all of the equipment in its original packaging to receive a full refund with no cancellation fee.

To Conclude My Review Of The NDP

In conclusion to my review, I thank you for taking the time to read this article and hope that it has helped you in deciding whether or not to purchase the NDP Connect app

If you would like to purchase then please visit their official website here and start enjoying the benefits of your new app !

ndp connect signup


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